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JW Portable Welding and Repair

594 Cranbrook Rd., London, Ontario
JW Portable Welding ﹠ Repair, welder in London Ontario, provides metal fabrication, mobile welding, and portable welding services to industrial, commercial, and residential clients. As a technologically advanced company, we specialize in welding on site, large aluminum casts, large steel casts and on-site fabrication of semi mechanical structures that must be aligned to the existing machinery. Within the on-site fabrication service, we repair aluminum molds and their supporting steel structures. Although, we are in London our mobile welding service of in area of aluminum handrail welding, heavy equipment welding and OWSJ reinforcement provides competitive advantage within the radius in Kitchener, Oakville, and Mississauga. Moreover, with the addition of advanced portable welding we can provide advanced GMAW and GTAW welding technologies for repair of dies and advanced repairs of cracks in more complex alloys. The company operates with 3 mobile welding units and 1 portable unit. We have 14 welding machines customized to specific welding tasks.

Welder in London Ontario with Passion to Technology and Advanced Welding Shop
If you need a welder in London, Ontario, in the first place, – JW Portable Welding & Repairs that employs millwrights/welders is located in London Ontario and offers variety of welding services in London and Southern Ontario. More specifically, we offer out of our welding shop:
  • on-site mobile welding,
  • on-site portable welding,
  • in shop and on-site metal fabrication including stainless steel welding and aluminum welding,
  • line bore welding and machining,
  • on-site and in-shop metal epoxy resin service,
  • on-site industrial corrosion service including aluminum corrosion, and
  • preventative maintenance programs where our technological advantage is beneficial.
We offer welding services on your site and in our shop in London, Ontario
Of course, new clients always ask us if we can come to their premises to perform some welding, others are more interested in fabrication in our shop but still want us to perform some welding on site. In addition, many others ask us, since we are millwrights too if we can do some more precise maintenance work or precise welding in our shop
Welding on client’s premises
Most importantly, many new clients want us to come to them and perform welding on their premises due to variety of reasons such as project’s control, size of heavy equipment, and difficulty to remove the damaged part. Most often, however they require us to weld on structural element that can not be moved out of property. In case, that you require a welder in London, Ontario who will come to you, JW Portable Welding & Repair will come to you with following welding services:
  • mobile welding on customer’s premises for a relatively shorter welding session and less complicated welding repair
  • on – site portable welding for a relatively longer welding session and for more complicated welding repair
  • on – site fabrication for complex fabrication of elements that mist be fitted or aligned to the existing machinery and heavy equipment
Moreover, many projects require fabrication in our shop with additional alignment performed on your premises. And this we can manage too. Since we are certified millwrights, we manage complex and precise welding projects very well.
Welding services in our shop in London, Ontario
Although, many clients want us to come to them, still many clients want a different welding service. In fact, many clients who have technical drawings wants us to fabricate something and others want to weld repair something in our shop. It is important to realize, that we specialize in precise and complex all metal fabrication in aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel. And to clarify, due to relatively small size of our fabrication shop and due to our millwright’s mechanical background we specialize in:
  • prototype building,
  • precise steel fabrication,
  • aluminum fabrication,
  • stainless steel fabrication,
  • custom metal fabrication that will require on – site modification or alignment
  • metal art projects
With this in mind, we provide very advance welding services on premises of our clients, however, the most complex welding repairs go to our shop. In fact, most often these welding repairs involve:
  • thin aluminum cast repair,
  • dies weld repair,
  • complex steel cast repair,
  • any iron cast repair,
  • testing of materials,
  • mechanical testing,
  • extensive cleaning prior welding,
  • leak testing prior welding and leak testing after welding.

Innovative and practical fabrication designs
Equally important, for innovative and practical fabrication designs are
  • equipment modification and alignment,
  • extensive cracks repair analysis,
  • strong mechanical engineering and
  • extensive knowledge of metallurgy
Notably, the same factors influence re – fabrication of complex structures encountering bending and deflections. These steel structures require innovative approach and practical fabrication designs.
With this in mind, our innovative designs relay of metal stress analysis and joint resistance analysis. Furthermore, we also analyze the element resistance to damaging forces. In the light of these analysis, we provide practical solutions to change joint design and change elements’ positions. In fact, we do many of these activities on your premises at tolerable costs. Ultimately, practicality is paramount for us.
Welding services’ advancements
Particularly, due to our welding services’ advancements and our extensive mechanical background, we serve as the designated welders for most difficult and sophisticated projects. Generally speaking, these projects usually require advanced welding technologies of SMAW, GTAW or GMAW, but more importantly these projects also require at least basic understanding of structural and mechanical stress. Moreover, they also require precise mechanical assembly and practical joint re – design to minimize cracking of welds and metals.
In other words, since we focus on quality and innovative solutions, we tend to test everything we do. Therefore, we avoid mistakes by testing metals prior welding on your project and we test our repairs prior delivery of your project. And, we test welding consumables prior use. Most importantly, your designated welder trains on same alloys in similar setup prior welding on your project. Obviously, we do not cut corners since it leads to serious mistakes.
Corrosion service with metal glue in industrial and commercial settings
As a matter of fact, many welding repairs are practically impossible due to extensive corrosion. Therefore, we provide epoxy service and corrosion protection service that complement our welding services for commercial and industrial clients in Southern Ontario.
For example, these money saving services, the metal glue repairs, polyurethane seals, and adhesive services focus on:
  • metal glue’s corrosion defects repair
  • material defects repair
  • some welding defects repair
  • increase of mechanical impact (friction) resistance, and
  • increase of chemical corrosion resistance.
Equally important is to remember that we accomplish these metal glue repairs on client’s site and in place. In particular, we repair pitting and corrosion on machinery and equipment. Namely, we use epoxy rust converter and custom metal glue in our repairs. In fact, the most polar are metal glue seals leaking oil and water in tanks and engine blocks.

Welder in London, Ontario repairs small parts
It is important to realize that, if you deliver small pieces to our welding shop, we will offer a price discount for all repairs. As a condition, the broken parts must be small and easy to handle by one man. These small parts include:
  • Dismantled and expensive automotive parts
  • Broken toys.
  • Damaged tools.
  • Broken fixtures.
Small parts that are not pick up within 2 weeks will be disposed. Therefore, please inform us of a planned pick-up schedule.
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