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Saskatoon Solar

318 21st Street E #216, Saskatoon, SK S7K 6C8
(306) 988-2488
Saskatoon Solar is the leading solar energy provider in Saskatchewan. You can count on our expert solar panel installers to deliver specialty solar results for your home, business, farm or cottage. When considering whether to switch to solar power, you need a trusted contractor to help guide you through the process. We understand solar and how it can benefit the environment, your life, property and financial situation. By getting professional solar panel installation in Saskatoon, you will immediately begin to reap the rewards of going solar. Contact us today to begin the process of switching to solar energy.

Custom Solar Saskatchewan Energy Solutions 
Every client is different. Your solar installation project is unique and we treat it that way. Once you contact us with details of your project, we handle it just the way you desire. And, if you don’t have an idea of how best to use solar energy, our crew will help you. We have been designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing innovative solar energy products for years. Our innovativeness, experience, and professionalism have made us one of the solar panel companies Saskatoon community members have trusted for years.
We take an innovative approach to any project. We provide high-precision and superior manufacturing. Our manufacturing process includes automated cell sorting, automated soldering, and glass washing, as well as meticulous alignment of cells. We produce solar energy products with the lowest rate of defects in the industry. 
​Why Solar Panels Saskatoon? 
In addition to our highly qualified crew, being in the industry for years has equipped us with vast hands-on experience. But, there are many reasons why you should choose our solar energy experts over our competitors.
They include the following:
  • We’re the largest providers of solar products for homes, businesses, solar farms and industries.
  • We provide wallet and environment-friendly solar energy solutions.
  • Our portfolio includes hundreds of solar power systems that we have designed, manufactured and installed in off-grid and grid-connected properties.
  • We provide a comprehensive range of services for all clients with a personalized and professional touch.
You’re probably paying for the electricity you use in your home, business, or processing plant. So, why don’t you turn the money you spend on electricity into a solar power investment? Our crew is ready to set up a consultation appointment with you at any time. We will design and provide an incredibly reliable solar system that will serve you for years. Just give us a call to work with the solar panel installers Saskatoon residents have trusted for decades. 
​Vast Experience and Proven Track Record
Solar Panel Contractors Saskatoon
You don’t want to have problems with your solar system days or months after installation. We know that you want to have a system you can depend on to supply electricity to your property for years. That’s precisely what you get once you enlist our services. We’re the most experienced team providing the solar panel installation Saskatoon businesses and residents depend on. We’re proud to be among the pioneers of the solar industry. Be confident that once you engage our services, your project will be handled by professionals with unrivaled expertise.
We handle every project with utmost care and professionalism. This has earned us a sterling reputation for being the most efficient team whose work reflects professionalism in every aspect. Most people know us as the best solar panel suppliers and installers. But, we also design solar systems and guide clients that don’t know the best systems for their properties. In all projects, our focus is making sure that clients have systems that supply them with electricity cost-effectively and reliably.
Our installed capacity exceeds 100 MW. From residential roof solar panels to utility-scale ground mount plants and commercial-scale rooftop solar systems; our crew delivers customized, reliable solutions. Just schedule an appointment with us to discuss your solar energy needs with experienced professionals. 
Why Invest in Our Solar Power Saskatchewan Solutions?
Solar Panels Saskatoon wants you to help you channel the money you pay for electricity to an environment and wallet-friendly investment. The money you’re spending on electricity can be used to set up a solar power system that will supply electricity into your property or plant for years.
Solar presents a unique opportunity for demonstrating the leadership of your organization when it comes to supporting sustainable energy sources. Investing in a solar power system is a great way to show that you’re concerned about and playing a role in environmental conservation.
Here are some of the major reasons to invest in our solar systems:
  • Reliability - Although sunlight availability varies, a properly configured and sized solar PV system will prove its reliability over the years.
  • Renewability - Solar is a rapidly growing source of renewable energy. It generates electricity more cost-effectively with minimal environmental impact.
  • Growth opportunities - Solar plants have the potential for scalability. That means you can increase modules or install more efficient modules to achieve cost-efficiencies via increased capacity and size.
  • Positive environmental and social impact - When you use solar power for house's, it produces less noise, waste, and has less impact on land and air compared to fossil fuel. You play your role in minimizing global warming emissions by installing solar energy.
Solar Panels Saskatoon wants to help you participate in the worldwide transition towards renewable sources of energy. We aim to play a role in meeting the growing green energy demand while generating a positive social impact.
Perhaps, you don’t know where to buy solar panels in Saskatoon. Maybe you don’t where to get the best solar panel prices. Regardless of your predicament, we are here to help you. Our panels and systems are safe, reliable, and durable. Our professional installers are always standby ready to help you in any way. 
Contact Us Today, We're Excited To Work With You!
Whether you want to know your solar panels cost or discuss your solar system installation project with experts, our crew is ready to help. You can schedule a consultation appointment with us at anytime that is convenient for you.
​Our crew can come over to your location to discuss your solar power needs on-site. But, if you need a free no-obligation estimate, we can also provide it promptly. We can even help you with the Sask power rebate program. You just share details of your needs and our experienced crew will help you.
We also have the best solar panels for sale. Essentially, we have you covered regardless of what you’re looking for concerning solar power. Talk to us to get the solar Saskatoon residents will always admire!
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