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Welcome to Toronto Fence Pros, where property transformations are commonplace. We focus on fence repair and new installation for residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout the Toronto area. While fences are our specialty, we offer far more than your standard chain link fencing. Our installation services extend to pool fencing, pergolas, decorative fences and even custom fence designs. Our dedicated team of talented craftspeople with expertise in a variety of fencing is what makes Toronto Fence Pros the best fence company Toronto has to offer today.

Comprehensive Fence Installation Services
From a quick chain link installation to a more complex customized fence design, our talented team offers a variety of fence installation services. As a leading provider of residential, commercial, and industrial fencing, we start by asking questions and listening closely to our clients.
The goal is to thoroughly understand your needs, expectation ,s and concerns so that our plan of action is guaranteed to deliver a fence that is both functional and visually appealing. We stand behind our work with a two-year workmanship warranty on all new installs, so check out a quick list of our most frequently requested fencing options.
Chain Link Fence
When you're shopping on a budget but still want something durable and long-lasting, chain link fencing may fit your needs. You can customize your fence by selecting from a variety of gauges, heights, and even color coatings. The fence won't require much maintenance over the years, and it will allow more visibility than many other types of fences.
Chain link is often chosen as an enclosure for residential backyards because it will contain dogs and other pets while creating boundaries for children. It's also popular for a variety of commercial projects and is sometimes used in industrial areas.
Wrought Iron Fence
If you value durability, security, and aesthetics over all else, you may choose a wrought iron fence. This is a strong material that has a more elegant appearance than a basic chain link. You can select from a variety of decorative features, customizing your fence to your property. Matching wrought iron gates are available as well.
Wrought iron fencing is often chosen for security fences on residential and commercial properties. It also offers an eye-catching appearance for added curb appeal. Depending on the design, you may allow climbing plants to grow around and over a fence made from wrought iron.
Pool Fencing
When installing a new pool fence Toronto property owners have a few concerns
  • Control entry into the pool area for safety measures
  • Contain children and pets in the pool area when swimming with adults.
  • Contribute to the appearance and style of the property.
A pool fence is often finished with a matching gate that locks. Creative designs can help homeowners separate the pool area from play areas accessed by children or sitting and dining areas used for entertaining.
You can choose from a variety of materials when building a pool enclosure fence. Your budget and style preferences will likely guide your decision. The fencing experts at Toronto Fence Pros can help you make an educated decision. If you use your pool for social entertainment, you may spend more on pool fencing than someone who just wants to put up a fence to comply with insurance requirements
Vinyl Fences
Vinyl fences come in a variety of styles and heights. While they are sometimes compared to wooden fences, they're much stronger and easier to maintain. You can easily spray vinyl fencing with a water hose or power washer to keep it clean, and you won't have to replace boards that warp or break over time
When you request vinyl, PVC fences are what you get in the end. PVC, technically known as polyvinyl chloride plastic, is extremely flexible and is easily formed into a variety of fence designs. You may select PVC if you want an attractive fence that is easy to install and maintain
Wood Fencing
Wooden fences are often chosen for their versatility and affordability. Since you can use many types of wood to create fences in an almost endless variety of patterns, it's easy to customize wood fencing. Customization is finalized with your choice of stains or paint colors, but you can also customize the posts and panel design
From classic stained wood that uses grain as an accent to colorful paint choices that add visual interest, selecting the finish is one of the most important parts of building a new wooden fence. Just keep in mind that wood may require more maintenance over time than wrought iron or PVC fences
Aluminum Fences
Are you looking for a fencing option that can cross a sloped area without unsightly gaps or instability? If so, aluminum fences are worth consideration. Exceptionally durable and weather resistant, these fences are well known for their ability to slope without losing strength or breaking gaps. They're also low maintenance over time, so you won't spend a lot of time and money repairing broken, warped, rusted, or chipped panels in the future.
Aluminum is one of the most environmentally friendly fencing materials offered today. It's also easy to install and comes in a variety of styles and colors. For many property owners, it's one of the most affordable fencing options in Toronto
Fence Contractors Toronto Businesses Count On
Commercial fencing is all about safety and security. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your property is safe for your employees and customers while protecting your assets from theft and other security threats. Of course, you also want to make sure your fence is visually appealing and matches the image of your brand.
When businesses first contact Toronto Fence Pros, their primary concern is often their budget. What is it going to cost to get a fence installed, and how long will it take? Our team is quick to share the following facts regarding budgets and timelines.
We provide free, accurate quotes before jumping into any commercial fencing project. We're also upfront and honest about how much time it might take to complete the job
We understand that businesses have budgets, and those budgets often have little to no wiggle room.
We never lower quality of materials or service just to reduce expenses or speed up the installation process. While we aren't always the cheapest or fastest fencing contractors in Toronto, we are the most honest, fair and hardworking.
If your budget won't stretch to meet your fencing goals, we will help you create a custom plan that will work for you. There are so many fencing options today that we can almost always help businesses find a solution to every problem, and it's often more affordable than expected.
Our first step in any fencing project is to fully understand the goals, expectations and needs of our clients. We will take the time to inspect your property and discuss what you want to achieve with your fence. That information allows us to recommend fencing materials, height, design and length to accomplish your goals while sticking as close to your budget as possible.
The experienced team at Toronto Fence Pros will keep all of your goals in mind when making recommendations for your project. That includes your budget, even though the quality, durability and functionality of the fence is ultimately the most important.
The Industrial Fence Pros in Toronto
Many Toronto fence builders are efficient when it comes to small or mid-sized residential and commercial projects, but they're not all equipped to handle industrial fence jobs. They don't have the resources in terms of manpower, equipment, or available hours. Many don't have adequate experience to properly manage a substantial industrial project either, which could lead to disorganization that costs the client money and time.
That's why industrial leaders in the Toronto area turn to our experienced team time and again. We have the resources and expertise needed to help you through every step of any project, regardless of the potential complications. From temporary fencing that you will eventually remove to permanent fencing that must protect and secure for years to come, we have you covered.
When you need fencing in any industrial environment, contact us first. We'll analyze your needs and provide a trustworthy quote and timeline. We can work around your schedule, limiting if not completely preventing interruptions in your workflow.
Fence Repair Toronto & Surrounding Areas
While we get excited about new fence installation projects, we also specialize in fence repair. Maintaining and fixing an older fence is just as important as bringing in fresh materials and erecting building something new. Our commitment to every client is as follows:
We will never recommend you tear down an old fence and build something new unless it is honestly the most affordable or safest option
Our team takes small repair jobs just as seriously as installation jobs of any size.
We want to earn your long-term trust, and that means showing up when you need simple repairs as well as when you need a new fence.
We want your property to look its best. Our goal is to keep your fencing in great condition so that it doesn't need to be replaced prematurely. That's why we're always available for repair jobs of any size throughout the Toronto area.
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