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Eureka Champs

Eureka Champs is a Canadian online coding school for kids ages 6 to 12. With Eureka Champs, your child will create games and master fundamental computer programming concepts. We introduce code in the world of Minecraft, design video games and create cartoons with Tynker and Construct 3 learning platforms. We help children to build the skills they need for the future: coding, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork.

How do Online Coding Classes Work?
EUREKA CHAMPS Online Coding Classes for Kids are taught once a week with LIVE teachers using Zoom. Teachers and students will be in a Zoom meeting with real-time audio and video feedback.
Students are grouped according to their level of knowledge in coding, their interests, and their character. Our experienced teachers will assess these aspects during the Free Trial Class and recommend the most suitable group for the student.
With classes being a maximum of 4 students, our teachers can give your child the attention they require to learn the fundamentals of programming and use them to design games while having fun in their class.
This is real-time learning, with real teachers and real classmates. The perfect environment for learning programming languages.
How to Get Started?
To get started with EUREKA CHAMPS, register for our full value 1-hour FREE Trial Class. With Eureka Champs Coding for Kids Classes, you risk nothing! We don’t require a credit card or surprise you with any hidden fees! 
During this Free Trial Course, kids will begin learning computer programming, and parents will be able to get acquainted with the teacher and our teaching approach.
The Free Trial Class is the best way to check out what we’re all about, as well as gauging your kid’s level of interest in coding and whether they want to continue his or her learning at EUREKA CHAMPS.
At EUREKA CHAMPS, we use Minecraft Education, Construct 3, and Tynker learning platforms because we want to provide a variety that keeps students engaged. You can learn more about each learning platform by clicking on the corresponding image below. All learning platforms are FREE and we will help you download and install them during our first online class so we can start coding immediately.
In order to participate in our online classes, you need a computer or laptop with a microphone, a speaker and good internet connection. All coding classes take place via Zoom Meeting, so you must install it for your first online class.
If you have 2 or more children who want to attend the online group lesson in the same time slot, then each student must have access to a separate computer (or laptop) connected to the internet. Students must be at a sufficient distance from each other (preferably in different rooms), so they can avoid microphone reverberation problems during the online lesson. You can also register them in different time slots so they could use the same computer.
Are you looking for an activity for your child that’s educational, that can prepare them for real-world jobs, and that they’ll love? Then, our Online Coding Classes for Kids could perfectly supplement your child’s education!

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