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YVR Hedges

1583 Marine Dr., Unit # 33050, West Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7V 4W7
(604) 210-3932
YVR Hedges is a full-service hedge trimming and tree service company serving the greater Vancouver area. YVR Hedges specializes in the maintenance and meticulous care of shrubs, hedges, trees, and more.

YVR Hedges
Maintaining an attractive property is crucial to its enjoyment. Whether it is a homeowner who wants to retain the value of their house or a business owner who wants to put project professionalism, well-cared-for hedges, shrubs, and trees make all the difference.
Many people do not realize that their trees, shrubs, and hedges need to be trimmed back and pruned biannually to look their best. Having this done keeps them looking healthy and promotes uniform growth. It removes the older and dead branches, so they look fresh and new all year.
YVR Hedges is a full-service hedge trimming and tree service company serving the greater Vancouver area. YVR Hedges specializes in the maintenance and meticulous care of shrubs, hedges, trees, and more. They serve both residential and commercial clients and have worked on a wide range of properties, including apartment buildings, townhomes, single-family homes, commercial properties, and more.
Keep reading to learn more about the high-quality services offered by YVR Hedges.
Hedge and Shrub Services
Most people notice their hedges and shrubs start looking overgrown as winter turns to spring. Hedge and shrub services help to keep them from getting out of control. Caring for hedges, shrubs, and trees on a property can be an involved process, which is why many people choose YVR Hedges to manage it for them.
YVR Hedges has a thoroughly trained team of arborists that can handle any job, no matter the scope of the work involved. Keep reading for more information on the hedge and shrub services offered by YVR Hedges.
The Hedge Trimming and Pruning Process
YVR Hedges cares deeply about customer satisfaction. Every new customer gets an on-site consultation where a YVR Hedges professional listens to the customer's requirements and makes suggestions on the best course of action. The YVR Hedges team works closely with its customers to determine which trees, shrubs, and hedges need pruning.
The YVR Hedges team understands how important it is to respect their customers' time, so they always show up exactly when they are supposed to for their appointments. They move quickly to perform the requested services, leaving their customers with beautiful and healthy hedges, trees, and shrubs.
Why Hedge and Shrub Trimming is Important
Hedges and shrubs that are allowed to grow unchecked are an eyesore that significantly devalues a property. When hedges are trimmed regularly, they can become a natural oasis that enhances the appeal of patios, stairs, sidewalks, stone walls, lawns, gardens, and more. Hedges can be formed into attractive natural fences that provide privacy and security for a person's home or commercial building.
Tree Services
Healthy, well-cared-for trees are an invaluable resource to both commercial and residential properties. While healthy trees provide shade and beauty, damaged and sick trees can be a significant liability. The team at YVR Hedges offers professional tree services to those in the Vancouver area to help keep trees stay in excellent shape and limit damage from fallen limbs or trees.
Some of the excellent services Vancouver residents and business owners can look forward to the following:
Fruit Tree Pruning
Anyone who has fruit trees on their property should know that properly caring for them is the only way to get them to produce an abundance of healthy fruit. Fruit trees must be trimmed and pruned using expert techniques at precise times of the year. The professionals at YVR Hedges are well-versed in the care of all types of fruit trees that grow in the Vancouver area.
Fruit tree pruning must be done between late fall and early spring, with the ideal time being when the tree is dormant in late fall or winter. Doing this is one of the most effective disease management strategies and ensures trees grow healthy and produce delicious fruit.
Arborvitae Trimming
Arborvitae trees are a fast-growing evergreen that is relatively easy to maintain. These are often used as natural privacy screens that can be grown and shaped according to the owner's preferred aesthetic. To do this, these trees must be cared for properly by a qualified professional.
The team of arborists at YVR Hedges knows how to prune, water, and feed these trees for the best result. Pruning and consistently trimming these trees keep them at the exact height and shape desired by the property owner. Also, regular pruning keeps these trees healthy and extends their lifespan.
The professionals at YVR Hedges remove any dead or broken limbs of these trees to reduce hazards and maximize their health. Doing this allows the sun to penetrate deeper parts of the tree and provides excellent air circulation within the plant. This helps prevent diseases and heal wounds, keeping trees healthy, strong, and beautiful for years to come.
Tree Removal
Trees growing too close to a home or commercial property are a threat to the building's safety. Sick and dying trees can also damage property or cause injuries to someone nearby. Trying to remove these trees without a qualified professional's help is dangerous and often leads to severe damage and injury.
The team at YVR Hedges provides professional tree removal services to those in the Vancouver area. They can safely take down a sick, damaged, or dying tree, no matter its size. YVR Hedges will also remove the dead tree once it's down, so customers are not left with a lot of debris on their property.
Trees should be inspected regularly to monitor for safety and health problems. The professionals at YVR Hedges know what signs to watch for and can quickly identify problem trees on a person's property. Their team can quickly assess the situation and suggest how urgently any problematic trees need to be removed.
Stump Grinding
Once a tree is cut down, there is usually a large stump left behind. An old stump can ruin a person's lawn, making it look rundown and neglected. YVR Hedges stump grinding service will improve the property's aesthetics and raise its value.
Old stumps left behind by fallen trees are not just an eyesore, but they are also a safety hazard. Stump-related accidents can involve an injured person, damaged lawn equipment, and more. Old stumps are also excellent breeding grounds for diseases and pests that quickly spread to other trees in the area.
If a tree has recently been cut down, the stump left behind has the possibility of sprouting and growing another tree. YVR Hedges offers fast, professional stump grinding services that will quickly grind stumps below ground level. This is the fastest and most efficient way to handle unsightly stumps, as it does not tear up the ground around the trump as much as total removal would.
Emergency Tree Service
Ideally, tree removal is something that has been planned in advance as a way to prevent sick or dangerous trees from falling. However, sometimes trees and large branches fall without warning, like after a heavy storm with a lot of wind. In these cases, property owners will need the help of an emergency tree service like the one offered by YVR Hedges.
YVR Hedges is available to help in emergency tree removal situations. They offer lightning-fast assessments and will do everything in their power to dispatch an emergency tree removal crew immediately. Vancouver residents who find they need emergency tree removal services should call YVR Hedges right away.
Tree Installations
YVR Hedges does more than care for existing trees. They also offer tree installations for commercial and residential properties in Edgemont, Vancouver, Burnaby, and surrounding areas. The professional arborists at YVR Hedges are familiar with proper tree planting and transplanting techniques, so customers are left with the trees and hedges of their dreams.
The experienced arborists at YVR Hedges are familiar with all the trees capable of growing in the area. They can make suggestions on what tree is best to plant on a person's property and can offer guidance on how to care for it. If someone has a tree they would like to move to another location, the YVR Hedges' professional arborists can get the job done.
Maintain a Perfect Lawn
Maintaining a perfect lawn requires property owners to pay special attention to the trees, shrubs, and hedges they own. Since healthy plants are constantly growing, the best way to get this done is with the regular maintenance services offered by YVR Hedges.
YVR Hedges can work with customers to come up with a maintenance plan for each plant on their property. They know what kind of care goes into each tree or shrub a customer has and can create a tailored maintenance plan that fits those needs. The professionals at YVR Hedges are passionate about making sure the residents and business owners of Vancouver have the healthiest trees and shrubs possible.
Don't neglect caring for the plants on your property. If you need professional tree or hedge services, we are here for you. Call or email us today for more information on how YVR Hedges can get your trees, shrubs, and hedges in perfect shape.
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