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Cornerstone Masonry

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A skilled stone mason can create many different structures and shapes using stone, concrete and brick.

The possibilities for your property are endless.
Masonry and stone works go back thousands of years, resulting in majestic creations like the pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China. Many European cathedrals would not be here today without masonry, nor would the Pantheon.
Despite the ancient practices involved with masonry, it's no longer just an option for the rich and powerful. Modern technology makes it simple for the right masonry professional to create high-caliber masonry creations in, on or around your home or business.
From creating driveways to fixing settlement issues, the right masonry professional is who you should call for any related issues.
What exactly is Masonry anyway?
Masonry is the art of building things from single units laid out in specific patterns and bound together using mortar. Masonry is nowhere near as modern as many other construction techniques, and yet there are reasons it has endured as a style. Modern masonry is often seen using traditional materials such as stone and brick, but newer blocks have worked their way into the lineup of possibilities too.
This particular construction method has a number of potential advantages. If you are building, renovating or expanding a residential home, then masonry can make a wonderful choice. Many retail establishments embrace it when they can for the character and functionality. In either case, residential or commercial, if you already have masonry work present that could use replacement or repairs, then finding the right masonry professional is crucial to keeping what you already have in place.
Benefits of Masonry Construction

Masonry construction offers numerous benefits to those who choose to use it. The following are 10 great reasons for your consideration:
1) Extreme Durability: Most masonry is pretty solid. In fact, it's strong enough that you won't have to worry about dents from hail on your home or accidental car bumps in your business parking lot.
2) Cost-Savings: Some masonry can be built and finished as a single unit in just one operation. Even stone and brick masonry have so many finishes, colors and textures that extra wall coverings aren't really necessary. Fewer repairs and brilliant colors that don't fade make most masonry options something with minimal to even no upkeep costs over the many years they stay standing.
3) Resistance to Fire: Masonry just doesn't burn. That protects your family and friends or your employees and customers. It also protects your monetary investments and physical possessions.
4) Improved Structural Integrity: Masonry is useful with any roofing system you could possibly want. It has a high capacity for load-bearing, meaning it can support roofing and multiple floors within a structure. Masonry also resists forces applied by wind shears and heavy snow. Some masonry can even have cavities that prove useful in accommodating vertical steel reinforcements, which is useful in many businesses.
5) Pay Less for Insurance: Masonry makes it more likely your home or building will survive a fire, break-ins, inclement weather, and even natural disasters. That means lower insurance rates than you would pay for other kinds of construction. Business owners in Ladner and Surrey can certainly benefit from this, although many homeowners likely can too.
6) Improved R Values: Masonry buildings typically have higher R values because they are better insulated. You will keep more consistent internal temperatures relative to changes in heat or cold outside. Not only will your building or home need less insulation, but you'll also spend less on running and repairing your HVAC along the way.
7) Aesthetic Versatility: Stone and brick masonry pieces are ready to go, whether you need one or a hundred. Your masonry professional can treat them like building blocks and create something you might have only fantasized about previously.
8) Eco-Conscious: Many masonry products are environmentally sound, inside your building and out. Choose products that don't emit volatile compounds into the air for the protection of those in your home or business. Also, try to choose masonry units sourced locally to minimize transportation pollution. In many masonry projects, the stone and brick units of previous masonry products can be used again. Repurposing older materials gives them a second life, reducing strain on the world's resources.
9) Minimal Sound: If your home is in a crowded area, then the noise from outside can be an issue. This is especially true if you're trying to sleep or focus on something specific. Likewise, a business might want to tune out the noise from outside so customers can enjoy themselves. Masonry has enough rigidity and mass that it's particularly effective in minimizing the transmission of sound from outside.
10) Higher Resale Value: Masonry is usually something everyone loves. Commercial buildings with masonry instead of metal sell for more, and many prospective homeowners love seeing masonry over vinyl siding and other options. Homeowners in Delta and White Rock love how getting more for their homes offsets the costs involved with buying or building their next residence.

Doing It Yourself Versus Hiring A Masonry Professional
Quite a few homeowners try tackling projects on their own, which is understandable. Doing this can save money and help you create a sense of true pride and ownership in what is yours. However, there is a difference between adding shelves to a closet and tackling something like custom rock work and walls.
Skill, knowledge, and experience are crucial to getting things right the first time. A masonry professional used to interlocking concrete slabs is a lot more likely to create the concrete basement walkouts your property could use.
Homeowners not used to working in masonry can fall prey to a number of different mistakes:
Lack of preparation: Wanting a concrete porch is one thing. Trying to get it right your first time can result in a jumbled mess in your yard.
Incorrect application of the mortar: You might find some great paving stones to layout in your garden, but if you use the wrong mortar, they're not going to look right. You might even compromise the whole project with the wrong location or grade. The cost of cement alone can break your budget if you're not careful.
Not waterproofing: If you don't use caulking, flashing and weep holes in your project, then you're not diverting moisture from the finished product. That will leave your project at risk of damage and corrosion. It's good to know there are masonry professionals who can do repair work when need be. However, it's even better to have them do the original work so that repairs are never necessary in the first place. Dealing with the cost & leaks involved in mistakes can prove disheartening.
Heavy materials: This kind of construction uses heavy materials. Concrete blocks, stone and brick aren't good things to put in passenger vehicles. You can blow out your back and your vehicle's suspension. That's even assuming you can order such materials. Your masonry contractor knows where to get many different things and at prices as attractive as the materials themselves.
The foundation underneath it all: Masonry structures are only going to be as stable as the foundation they sit on. That's why you need a masonry professional who can determine whether or not foundation cracks are present and also look out for settling. Don't fret if they find such issues, because there are things they can do to repair the matter to keep further damage and moisture infiltration from happening.

Finding The Right Masonry Professional Matters
You don't want anyone who can do masonry work. You want and even deserve a professional who truly cares about his work. There's too much at stake to risk anything less, because the very value, integrity and strength of your home or building is on the line.
Working with a single professional means there is no possibility of miscommunication because you're only dealing with one individual. You can learn to trust his passion and advice, and you can also take comfort in knowing exactly who you are dealing with along every step of the way.
Masonry is part art, part science. The dedication of the mason professional in question is the glue between the art and the science, just as much as any physical mortar he uses between his bricks or stones.

Masonry Service Areas
If you have a home in Surrey, Ladner, White Rock or Delta, then this masonry professional is ready to get to work for you. He is also willing to service residential and commercial clients alike in surrounding areas, including Coquitlam, Burnaby, Langley, Pitt Meadows, New Westminster and Richmond.
If you're convinced that you need specific masonry work, then it's time to consult a seasoned industry professional who cares about their work to see what they can do for you. Even if you're not sure masonry is right for you at this time, but you have ideas you want to run by someone, it's still worth a consultation to see what your options are.
In either case, this mason is a dedicated craftsman who cares deeply about the quality and caliber of his work. Contact him right away to find out what he can do for your home or business.
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