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Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan

Sep 29, 2013 |
APEGS is the provincial organization responsible for licensing Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists. ... Read more

Nature Saskatchewan

Sep 29, 2013 |
Non-profit nature organization committed to preserving the natural environment. Provides information about projects, activities and publications. ... Read more

Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative

Sep 29, 2013 |
A research network established to understand the potential impacts of climate change on the Canadian prairie. Offers an overview, research, publications, events and contact details. ... Read more

Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve

Sep 29, 2013 |
The reserve conducts habitat research, remote video monitoring of sensitive wildlife, public education, and ecotourism. Describes mission, documentation, opportunities and bird list. ... Read more

Saskatchewan Eco-Network

Sep 29, 2013 |
Committed to facilitating joint initiatives among groups with an interest in environmental issues. Information about member groups, working groups and membership. ... Read more

Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management

Sep 29, 2013 |
Provincial government department responsible for the environment. Provides information about programs, legislation, publications, newsletter and services. ... Read more

Saskatchewan Environmental Society

Sep 29, 2013 |
Mission is to support and encourage the creation of a global community in which all needs are met in sustainable ways. Provides issue, event, project and contact information. ... Read more

Saskatchewan Research Council

Sep 29, 2013 |
SRC provides industry, government and communities with applied research, development and demonstration and technology commercialization sservices. ... Read more

Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council

Sep 29, 2013 |
Help Saskatchewan and its people attain the environmental, economic and cultural benefits that come from reducing waste. Provides description of events, links, projects and contact information. ... Read more

Saskatchewan Watershed Authority

Sep 29, 2013 |
Manages and protects the quality and quantity of Saskatchewan's water supplies through legislation, policies, programs and education while taking into consideration the need for conservation. Provides ... Read more

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